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  • November 6th, 2017



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Important things to note when designing cardboard POS displays

A striking cardboard display in the style of your brand and product is one. Having the display work well in the retail environment is two. Why? You have to keep a lot in mind such as: “How does the display get onto the shop floor?”, “How is it quickly and properly set up?” and “How smoothly does stock management happen and what happens when it has reached the end of its lifespan?” We will discuss some aspects that will be of use during the development of your cardboard POS displays. Scroll away!

It has to be said: developing an attractive display is an art in itself. But it not only has to look good, it also has to be functional. And some developers tend to forget that from time to time. Cardboard POS displays may obviously be creative, but sometimes not enough thought is given to the whole functional and logistical side. Because however you put it: this is decisive for returns from a cardboard display.

Cardboard POS displays: more than just the look

When the designer has finished the development of the display, others get down to work on their part. Examples are transporters and other logistical partners, sheltered workshops, merchandisers, shop managers, temporary workers who assemble and prepare the cardboard POS displays…

It’s plain to see: a whole lot of other things have to happen before a display is fully set up. This is why the designer must take account of the distribution process. Anyone for tips?

The first point you have to bear in mind when developing a cardboard POS display is transport. The display must be easy to stack, it must be ergonomic and have well thought-out packaging. Obviously. Who is going to put a tattered cardboard display on his or her shop floor?
Once displays arrive in good condition they have to be stored away, usually until the start of the promotion period. They must be easy to store and fit in with stock management. It sounds obvious, but it would not be the first time that cardboard POS displays have caused storage problems.
Developers would like nothing better than to set up their own cardboard displays at the point of sale.Right? Unfortunately this is not to be. In practice setting up takes place at logistics centres and sheltered workshops.There is obviously nothing wrong with this, but it brings us straight to the next tip: make sure that the display is as simple as possible to assemble. Avoid endless manuals, and make it understandable to everyone.
Some displays are not functional. Think about cardboard displays that have to be set up with staples or glue… The likelihood of problems during assembly is great. The stapler may not be working properly, or the glue may not be strong enough. It is also important to be very accurate when gluing or the display can no longer be used. These are factors beyond your control. So don’t hesitate to send it back to the designer. In an ideal world a display that can be solidly set up without tools is a question of a well thought-out design.
Is the cardboard display assembled on the shop floor? Are the products displayed on it? Make sure they are not too heavy for the display concept. Do you see sagging shelves or collapsing displays? That’s just asking for problems. The shopper seeing this will not be given any confidence in the product presented. Remember that a display must perform optimally for its whole lifespan. Even in a busy shop environment with a lot of handling.
Has the promotion period for the product in the cardboard POS display ended? What happens to it now? This last aspect is overlooked by many: waste processing. Does a whole lot of disassembling have to happen first? Or can everything go into the waste material flow in one go? The latter is ideal, but presumably you already realised that.

The cardboard Ursus display was awarded the Green Packaging Award in 2015 and 2016 for good reason.

Ursus is also designed with all parts of the distribution process in mind.

Ursus display cardboard
The Ursus display is innovation on a platter: easy to set up, a lightweight yet strong cardboard structure with endless customisation options.

Ursus is the ideal representative for your product and your brand in all business environments.
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