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  • December 2nd, 2017



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Tips for efficiently managing POS material in your warehouse

Do you manage a warehouse that contains a lot of POS material? Do you sometimes find it difficult to get a good overview of what is where? An efficiently managed warehouse requires strict planning and a structured approach. But where’s the best place to start? In this blog, we share with you some tips and tricks for efficient warehouse management.

Evaluate current stock in your warehouse

Before introducing a new approach, you first need to know what is going wrong in your current system. The first step is to evaluate how your current stock is being sorted. Is everything organised by size, product or simply in chronological order? Why is it that you often end up spending a long time looking for the displays or products that you need? Identifying everything that goes wrong takes you one step closer to finding the solution. Do you manage a warehouse that is used by many brands or companies? Try to reserve a row per brand or product so you can put everything from the same brand in the same place. Then you will no longer have to walk past several rows to find items from the same brand. Do some items and products need to be stored in the refrigerator? Try to use the same structure here, too.

A well-organised warehouse

It may sound obvious, but we still find that this simple piece of advice is not always followed. Make sure the things you need most often are stored at the front (or close to your loading and unloading zone). This makes it much easier to get to last-minute orders and everything will be ready in no time.

Floor plan of your warehouse

Once you've restructured your entire warehouse based on efficiency, draw up a floor plan. Make a note of the products and items that are in each rack. You won’t be the only one to benefit from this; new employees will also be able to find what they’re looking for much easier. This will save you a lot of time when you show them around on their first day and it gives them the necessary information to be able to work independently. Print the overview and hang it up somewhere where all employees can see it. Does the content of your warehouse change a lot? You can also use a blank floor plan and use stickers or post-its to indicate where products are kept.

Managing your loading and unloading zone

Have you ever had an order sent back because your transport manager had to guess which items were for him? The structure of your loading and unloading zone can also influence the efficiency of your warehouse management. Choose two separate zones or areas; one for items which need to be transported to retailers and one for all the deliveries. You can easily demarcate these areas using tape or paint (if you want something more permanent). Here, too, you can organise things per product. This way, you can avoid the wrong items being collected and your employees know straight away where the deliveries need to go.

Do you often find yourself having to faff around with the POS displays that you receive? Not sure of the best way to store them in your warehouse or do they not fit easily on euro pallets? Are you looking for a shelf display that’s easy to manage and store in your warehouse? The Ursus display is a light-weight cardboard display that takes up little space and is easy to transport. And it takes just 2 minutes to assemble.

Ursus display cardboard
The Ursus display is innovation on a platter: easy to set up, a lightweight yet strong cardboard structure with endless customisation options.

Ursus is the ideal representative for your product and your brand in all business environments.
Ursus-dispaly, a product from Onydis
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