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  • December 2nd, 2017



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This is how a POS display can become a firm mainstay in your marketing mix

We will cut to the chase: successfully bringing a product to market is hard labour. Especially bringing the product to the attention of the right target group is by no means a simple affair. To succeed here you must have a good marketing mix. And the online part of the mix just keeps on growing… So it is logical to ask yourself the question as to whether a cardboard POS display still fits in with today’s marketing mix. The answer is obviously ‘yes’, and we will tell you exactly how to go about it below.

In times of social media, smartphones and free Wi-Fi everywhere, paper has increasingly been relegated to the background. Logical. The shop is also moving towards the online world step by step. Time to take the POS display to the recycling centre? Not at all.

Did you know that few webshops operate on their own? The number of physical shops is still great. We don’t buy toilet paper, cheese and many other day-to-day products online.

These are shops where you can still see the products in real life, you can touch them, and seeing them with your own eyes can be reassuring... This is why a POS display is still an unrivalled feature on the shop floor. Get it in the marketing mix!

When is a POS display a full part of the marketing mix?

What must a POS display have to play its full part in the marketing mix? In short: how do you make sure that it brings you more returns? This in itself is simple: sales results sink or swim depending on a strong display concept. Compare a POS display with a top seller on the shop floor. A top seller attracts attention, makes contact with the shopper, provides the right information, charms, convinces and makes the sale. So this is something a POS display also has to do…

Continue the look and feel

Obviously the design of your POS display must be in line with your overall look and feel. There is little point in using a certain style in the campaign if it does not show up in the display. Keep things consistent, but also always remember that you are working with a POS display. This must ‘work’ quickly, effectively and also at a distance. So feel free to shift the creative mind up a gear.

POS display in the marketing mix: four steps towards a satisfied customer

You use the 3 C’s in a successful marketing mix to analyse the strength of a display. In this case these are three steps towards an ultra-satisfied customer.


In your marketing mix a POS display must first of all attract the attention of the consumer. If you fail to do this, you can forget about a purchase. A good display draws the consumer in, makes a connection and ensures that the shopper wants more. But alas, there’s no fixed recipe for that.Some displays are highly conspicuous and loud. Others are strikingly quiet and stylish. Some displays comprise an explosion of images, movement and striking colours. Some have sleek colour plays and one cut-out image.In a shop containing an abundance of POS material, quiet and sleek can indeed also be very conspicuous. Doesn’t white space demonstrate class and exclusivity in advertising as well? A lot depends on your brand personality, what your product wants to emanate and the environment.

Tip 1: make sure that your display is seen. How you do that is a creative challenge. In any case keep your brand personality and the POS environment in mind.


Drawing the attention is a necessity, but not enough on its own. A strong POS display must also convince the consumer that the product presented really is something for him/her. It must in other words arouse the desire to make a purchase. A display does not have a lot of time to do this.This means one has to carefully select the images and provide clear, compact copies. Offer the consumer as many benefits as possible when buying this product. You do not always have to talk about the price advantage here, but about issues the shopper may have which the product can resolve. If there is any doubt about the concept, image or copy: test with the consumer.

Tip 2: make a dummy version of the new display beforehand. This is a life-size model with layout, colours, images and copy. Test this with a focus group and adapt if required.


Does your POS get the attention? Check. Does it convince the consumer of its added value? Check. But even that is not enough to have the customer make the purchase. Your POS display must indeed also be coordinated to secure the purchase. There are all sorts of clever tips and tricks to do this.Make sure that the product is easy to take away, that the shelves are regularly restocked, that the display continues to look good until the end of the promotion period or is replaced in good time, …Its spot in the shop can also make a difference for the sales figures. Negotiate about the best place. An attractive and creative display will have a better chance of being given a better place in the shop.Tip 3: Whatever creative concept you choose, make sure that the display is sturdy, can withstand rough handling and will last a long time. The power of a POS display also literally sinks or swims depending on its quality. Make sure that it can stand sufficient weight and frequent handling.Ursus is the name of the cardboard POS display that is extremely solid while offering countless creative options.
Ursus display carton
Le display Ursus est de l’innovation sur un plateau : simple à monter, avec une structure en carton à la fois légère et solide, et personnalisable à l’infini. 

Ursus est le représentant idéal de votre produit ainsi que de votre marque dans tout environnement de vente.
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